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Lovelace Digital, what's in a name?

Lovelace Digital is named after Ada Lovelace, an English mathematician and the world’s first computer programmer.

We incorporated on International Women’s Day 2019 and decided on the name as a way to celebrate Ada and all of the other incredible change-makers who have paved the way for us and other women in tech.

We cherish the diversity of our network because it determines the depth and breadth of what we're capable of.

We care deeply about championing inclusion in the tech and creative industries. And it’s not just about women, it's about bringing all voices into the conversation, which is why “simplicity” is one of our core values.

Not everyone who wants to change the world is familiar with the words or expressions technologists use, so we avoid jargon where possible in the hope of demystifying technology.

We live and breathe this value by explaining things in the simplest way possible and defining words that lose their meaning when speaking to someone who hasn’t heard them before.

What are you trying to achieve?

Let us know: hi@lovelacedigital.co.uk

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