We're a collective of technologists and creatives

We help you design and develop apps, websites and digital products with impact.

Who we are

After over a decade in the industry we realised we wanted to help more people design and build technology that makes a difference.


People first, always

We are people-people. We tap into our diverse community of technologists and creatives to help you achieve your software development goals - with a focus on upskilling and mentoring along the way.



It takes two flints to make a fire! Our model allows us to be super flexible around the needs of our customers - we believe in the power of community, communication and respect.



Too many people are being kept out of the conversation through a fear of not being “technical” enough, so we’re de-mystifying tech by avoiding jargon.



We’re co-creating the world we want to live in, by collaborating with people and companies who want to make a difference.


What we do



Have a feeling that technology could help to improve your business culture, decision making, or delight your customers?  

A short exploratory phase will ensure any time and money is well spent.


This could involve a closer look at your business processes, or building a quick model to be tested, so we can act on feedback from real people.


Need a happy, talented, fully-supported, cross-functional team? 


We tap into our diverse community of technologists and creatives, to form ready-made, fully-supported teams. 

Our teams work alongside, or integrate with - your existing teams and are committed to mentoring and upskilling along the way.


Have plans for a website, mobile application or internal system you want to build?

We work collaboratively with you to design, develop, test - and bring your ideas to life.

We bring the best of both worlds - flexibility, with a commitment to deliver.

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